What To Do With All These Boxes?!

Your moving day has been and gone, and the piles of boxes have been emptied.

Now instead of being surrounded by cardboard boxes filled with your beloved possessions, you’re swamped with flattened boxes with no further purpose! But we have some genius ideas for ways to make your quality Direct Global Trading boxes go a little bit further!

piles of cardboard boxes in a new house

Of course, our boxes are fully recyclable, so that is always an option, but they’re also fully re-usable, so why not hang onto them a bit longer for some of these uses, before heading out to the recycling bin?

Fun for the Kids…

With a heap of cardboard boxes to hand and plenty of colouring pens or pencils, your child can let their imagination run wild! Boxes are the perfect building materials to create cars, trains, rockets or buses. Once they have finished making their brand-new racing car, why not then push them along the carpet to really bring their design to life?! Boxes can also make the perfect den or house, where they can have hours of fun – they might even invite you round for tea!

children with a rocket and helmets made from cardboard boxes

The whole family can have endless fun using empty cardboard boxes for arts and crafts. They’re perfect for school projects or creating your own artwork on the weekend! Why not have a go at making your own toys such as a play kitchen or shop front? They could also become a dolls house or Punch and Judy booth! The possibilities really are endless!

Left over cardboard boxes can also come in really handy when putting together DIY fancy dress costumes! Does your child want to dress as a robot?... You’re sorted! Or how about dressing as a gift for a birthday or Christmas party? This would be a really easy yet effective costume idea, and would  take those spare empty boxes off your hands too!

little boy wearing an aeroplane costume made from cardboard boxes

…And your Pets!

Empty cardboard boxes can come in really handy when looking for ways to entertain your furry friends too! Why not create a maze for small pets such as cats, mice, rabbits and guinea pigs to have fun sniffing out and finding their favourite treats? Boxes could also be transformed into a climbing or scratching post for cats, using multiple boxes to create different levels and hidey holes for them to enjoy! You can also convert your used boxes in little houses and buildings for small pets like rabbits. Why not create them a whole village of different buildings to place in their enclosure?! For larger pets such as dogs, boxes can be used in a range of enrichment exercises, giving them mental exercise through the day. This is one of the most effective ways to tire out your pup, and a tired dog is a happy dog!

cat peeping out of the top of a cardboard box

Storage Boxes – as they are, or go fancy!

Once your boxes have been used to help with your move, why not hang onto them and use them for storage? There are bound to be bits and bobs from your old house that you want to store away for a while. You can use our boxes as they are, to pack away belongings in your study, loft or garage, or in wardrobes, cupboards and under beds. Our White Foam Roll is perfect for keeping these fragile items like photo frames and crockery safe until you come to sort through your storage boxes again! 
Or why not use them for storage as part of your home décor? You can cover your boxes in material or a fabric that matches your décor, in a way similar to how you would ‘back’ an exercise book at school! This will give a more luxurious finish and to add a new, cost-effective décor piece to your home. This could be a really great use of your boxes, and gives them a whole new lease of life, maybe even for years to come!

box filled with items


If you regularly post items out then your left over boxes can be kept for this purpose! Perhaps you’re a keen ebay-er, or maybe you’re an Etsy seller or have your own small business? Our sturdy, quality boxes will ensure your items arrive at their destination in one piece! On our Direct Global Trading Boxes website, we have designs that fit within royal mail sizes such as our 40 pack and 20 pack of Small Boxes. 

Gift Baskets

Looking to create your own handmade, unique gift for a friend or family member? A gift basket can add a lovely, personal touch to your gift giving! Our boxes could come in handy when looking for a ‘hamper’ to carry these treats! Cut out sections of the box or cover with material then fill with stuffing, such as our Packing PeanutsWhite Newspaper Sheets or our Brown Kraft Packing Paper. You can then place your goodies inside to create a gift basket for any occasion such as birthdays, weddings, baby showers, Christmas or Thank You gifts!

gift box with jars of sweets

Keep for your Next Move

If you know that you’re due to move house again soon, store your used DGT Boxes flat in a loft, garage or spare room to make use of them again in the near future. Perhaps you have a family member or friend that is also moving house soon? You can pass on your boxes to them, to bring ease to their moving day too! Sharing is caring after all!

Protect Your Floors

When you move into your brand-new home, chances are you’re going to want to redecorate. You might not have any covers or dust sheets to hand, so your empty boxes can also come in handy helping to protect your floors! Simply flatten the boxes and lay them wherever you’re painting your walls or furniture to save them getting spoiled by the paint or varnish. When you’re finished decorating, lift them up and use them in the next room! When you’re totally finished, remember to recycle!

lady painting a wall blue

Here at Direct Global Trading Boxes we recommend getting as much life out of your boxes as possible, but if you’ve exhausted this list and all other reusing ideas, then it’s time to recycle!
Be sure to flatten your boxes first so they are easier to dispose of, then our boxes can be placed straight into your household cardboard recycling. If you wanted to save space in your own bin, they can also be dropped off at your local recycling centre.