Pack Like a Pro With DGTBoxes!

So you've got your moving date set, and purchased all the packing materials you could need from our Direct Global Trading Boxes store... now what? 

There's plenty of packing to do, but where to start?

This can seem like an overwhelming task at times, but here at Direct Global Trading Boxes we're here to offer some handy tips and helpful advice when it comes to packing up your belongings ready for you big move.

Make sure you have the right sized box for the job
Consider all of the items around your house that you're going to want to pack up, large and small, and ensure you have boxes and packing materials to fit. Larger items like kitchen appliances will need a much bigger box than some of your other household bits and bobs. If you have the original packaging for these, it's always handy to pack them back into those boxes for transporting. 
In our online store, we have a wide range of different sized boxes, and packs containing multiple sizes too, helping you to have a good variety.


Make sure you have plenty of padding available
To go hand in hand with our boxes, you should also make sure you have lots of protective packaging within reach, such as bubble wrap and packing paper. You can never have too much of this in order to keep your belongings intact during your move, it's always surprising how much you can go through so be sure to stock up in advance!
You may find some items such are larger photo frames or mirrors don't need to be boxed, and simply wrapping them in bubble wrap and securing with tape will do the trick. Just make sure that they are clearly labelled as being 'fragile' and don't stack them under any other boxes! 

Pack heavy items at the bottom
It may seem like common sense, but be sure not to pile heavy items on top of more fragile things! Organise your packing by putting these heavier items in the box first, and then once packed, ensure that heavier boxes and placed into the van or car first. That way lighter boxes and boxes containing fragile belongings can be placed on the top without worrying about delicate pieces getting squashed! 

Fill up all the empty spaces!
Make sure your boxes are packed tightly by filling up all the empty gaps with textiles such as tea towels, cushions and bedding! This helps to make the most of the space available in your boxes but also provides extra padding! 

Label up your boxes clearly
Luckily our Direct Global Trading Boxes come with a handy tick list on the side and a space to write what is contained in each box! It is also a good idea to avoid mixing items from different rooms in the same box, which will make your unpacking at the other end easier too! 

Tape up your boxes for security

Our packs of boxes also come with a 66m roll of quality fragile tape enabling you to fasten up your moving house boxes for extra sturdiness!  It could also be a good idea to put a couple of layers of tape at the bottom of boxes you know will contain heavier items, just to be on the safe side. Once your packing is complete the tops of the boxes can be taped shut to keep everything contained and protected from the elements! 

Think ahead...
Take some time to plan ahead and set aside items you know you will need urgently, then be sure to pack these items last. Household and personal items that you'll need in the first few days of moving should be either packed last or at the top of boxes, so you're able to access them easily. Think about clothes you'll need until you've got unpacked, important documents, medication and toiletries you'll need urgently and keep these accessible at your new house and not mixed amongst other things and at the bottom of a pile! The same goes for children and pets, make sure they have all the essentials they'll need to hand for the first couple of days at least. 

A few more quick packing tips: 

  • Remove clothes from your wardrobe and leave them on their hangers. Place a black bin liner straight over the top to protect them from dirt and tie the coat hangers together with string. These can then go straight into your wardrobe on the other end, eliminating the need to spend ages folding and re-hanging clothes! 

  • When it comes to kitchenware there are a few hacks that can be really useful! Pack dishes on their sides rather than flat, with paper around each dish, then stack them in bundles with more paper or bubble wrap around the pile. Cups, mugs and plates can also be packed in the same way. For cutlery, if you have a drawer tray/organiser, simply wrap the whole thing in bubble wrap or plastic leaving all the pieces in their compartments and pack this straight into a box or into the moving van. You can then simply unwrap when you get to your new place and you're ready to go!

  • Empty toilet roll tubes can be used as handy holders for cables and wires and can be easily written on to identify which cables belong with which appliance! So start saving up your toilet roll tubes now! 

  • Don't empty all your drawers! If you have a chest of drawers, a dressing table or bedside tables that you're transporting to your new home, leave all the contents inside and pack straight into the van or car. These belongings can already be classed as packed, you can wrap the top with bubble wrap or plastic if you wish too to make sure nothing falls out. When you're arrived in your new home, these can just go straight into their usual place! 

  • Be organised! Don't leave packing until the day of your move. This will avoid unnecessary stress and rushing around, and will help the day run much smoother, ultimately allowing more time in your exciting new home, and not worrying about packing the last bits in your old place! 

  • Make packing fun! This can be a big job (and tedious if packing up lots of belongings on your own), so make it as fun and exciting as possible! Put on some music and help each other if there's more than one of you at home. This will entertain you as you pack, helping you get through the jobs a bit quicker and provide even more excitement for the big moving day! 


We hope you've found these packing tips helpful!
Head to our online store today to stock up on your boxes and essential packing materials and happy packing!