You’re moving house, you’ve received your high-quality cardboard boxes from DGT Boxes then it hits you…you have nothing to pad and protect your valuable belongings! All your Fabergé Eggs and mint condition original Picasso’s, left to the mercy of the moving van.


Don’t let the worry consume you - we have the answer to your prayers! So come with me, and you’ll see a world of pure… Paccessories. With the tips and tricks you’ll receive here today you will never have to worry about your belongings being damaged.

Where else to start than with the basics?! First up, it’s the 50 Scrunched Paper Moving Kit -  your one stop shop for instant protection of your property. With this you also receive a Roll of Tape and a Waterproof Marker Pen. This is a sure bet to keep your belongings undamaged during a move; one less factor to contribute to your stress. However, if you just contain your excitement for one second, I can do one better for those who want to add just a little more security. Loosefill is the name of the game, those little polystyrene heroes who die for your antique mugs. When this dynamic duo work in tandem, much like Batman and Robin, your safety is assured.

Now that we have the basics out the way, lets move onto something a bit more exciting… well, exciting in the realm of packing accessories, anyway! We’re going to shift focus somewhat. If you happen to have any particularly large items to transport and they need to be sent on a pallet, you need something to secure them. Look no further than our premium Black Shrink Wrap, which is 200m long so should more than satisfy your wrapping needs (unless you plan on releasing a mixtape!). This shrink wrap will provide enough elasticity to keep your items wrapped up nice and snug.

Now if you’ll kindly step into our bakery, we can show you our wide selection of rolls. We have a light and airy Bubble Wrap, a classic White Protective Roll, a Large Brown Corrugated Roll, a lighter Roll of Kraft Paper and finally the ace in the ‘roll’ is the Bubble Wrap Kit. This tasty selection has something for all pallets (geddit?). With this myriad of packing supplies, nothing will prevent your possessions getting to you.

Now, we hope you’ve had a good overview of all our packing extras, but there are so many more for you to feast your eyes upon so click here to check them out. It also goes without saying that these are best paired with our great range of 100% recycled cardboard boxes which you can take a peek at here.