8 Non-Negotiables for Moving House

So you're moving house. You've sorted through your possessions and formed three piles of organised chaos: one for taking, one for donating and one where the items are best suited in the dustbin! So what's next?

Man Searching At Bottom Of Giant Brown Cardboard Box

1. Cardboard Boxes

First thing's first, you're going to need cardboard boxes...and lots of them! It's no surprise that for taller items, we recommend a taller box. Our X box is perfect for bulkier items that just won't stack such as large vases or thick duvets and pillows.

For heavier items such as books, we recommend our E box. They're extremely strong, and their offset handles make them easy to move even when filled to the brim! These boxes are also a great option for plates and crockery as they're roomy enough to fit plenty in!

Collected a lot of clothing over the years? Us too! Fear not, DGT Boxes to the rescue! Our D boxes are a superb choice for clothing and shoes. Get folding your garments and simply place your shoes on top!

2. Tape

Once you've selected your cardboard boxes, you'll need tape to secure them. Our tape pack includes six rolls of handy fragile tape so you can fix those boxes without having to fix your items later down the line. Breakages be gone! Just remember to tape your boxes twice for extra strength as well as extra peace of mind.

3. Bubble Wrap

For more breakable pieces like glass vases and plates, it makes sense to protect them with bubble wrap, foam roll or paper. With our 60m roll of bubble wrap, you might expect to have enough to last until your next house move, but it's better to be safe than sorry, so make sure you don't scrimp when it comes to wrapping those Fabergé eggs! 

Foam roll is a great alternative to bubble wrap and is perfect for items that need protecting from scratches, such as photo frames or delicate Christmas baubles.

Once you've cocooned your precious belongings in bubble wrap or foam roll, we suggest adding a layer of kraft paper so you can label the item and you're not undoing all your hard work as you search for your favourite mug!

Top tip: bubble wrap and packing paper are also great for padding out handbags so they don't lose their shape when packed. You're welcome!

4. Packing Peanuts

For those oddly shaped items that just don't fit into a box, packing peanuts are ideal. They can also be used to fill any gaps in your boxes so your items don't move around during transit and become damaged.

5. Door Hooks

You might think door hooks are only useful for hanging up towels and robes in the bathroom, but they come in handy when moving house too! These nifty little hooks can be used to hold doors open while you're transporting heavy items in and out of the house. No more crushed fingers at the hands of a slamming door. Phew!

6. Marker Pens

We've mentioned the importance of labelling your items, but for our tough cardboard boxes, no ordinary biro will do. Nothing compares to the strength of a marker! You'll need one in every pocket as you load and unload, so we've made this handy pack of ten to ensure you're never without! And the best part? They're waterproof, so always effective come rain or shine and they're low odour, so no eye-watering smells.

7. Fragile Labels

These little beauties are an essential. You can never have too many red Fragile labels for ensuring your items stay in tact during transit. Simply affix them to your boxes and sit back as the Fragile label does its job!

8. Bin Liner Bags

The hero of the hour, these giant black wheelie bin liners are great to have on hand for those pesky items that just won't fit into your boxes. Think shoes, stuffed animals and cushions!

So there you have it, our 8 non-negotiables for moving house! Now all that's left to do is actually move. Good luck! Oh, and don't forget to tape twice!